eternal 888 denim diary: prinsep street

I was walking along Prinsep Street after a meeting. There I stood in awe of the heritage building Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church built in 1843. I’m in my Levi’s saw-tooth western shirt, Levi’s denim diary and my beloved 2 years 2 months buddy Eternal 888.  1 soak 3 wash.


eternal 888 denim diary: 2 year old baby

Eternal 888 2 year old Perry Goh low

Now I can see the results. Only after one year the fading started to show, it takes patient and faith on Eternal jeans. One have to know the famous 24 times rope dye deep indigo is worth waiting for. I guess the next move is the vinegar wash and more fading are sure to show up. Next, let me share about the comfortability. I truly enjoy a regular fitting silhouette. Though I feel it made me looked portly. Overall it’s a classic vintage cutting. Great in hot humid climate in Singapore if you parkour in jeans 😀

Levi’s 501XX 1966 & Type III trucker jacket

Here is one of my favourite Levi’s 501XX 1966 model wearing to work. Hasn’t been washing since a year ago, so far he has no odour. Light weight denim with the tapered silhouette. Worn since 2009. 7 years 10 months old. Size 30/32. 9 washes. Hand-painted NASA “Spacewalk of Gemini”. Not forgetting my beloved trucker jacket from my late father.

Eternal 888 denim diary: 14 months old


Slope climbing with my buddy. It’s fun as long as don’t trip into a pot hole! And I spotted a small snake actually 😦  OK the jeans…Whiskers and honeycombs are prominent now I guess because I’ve been holding back washing my buddy hahaha ///1 soak 1 wash///size 31///worn 5days/week

4years 9months old buddy

Hey my semi retired buddy is 4 years 9 months old. Only wear it on weekends now.If you are first time reading this, I wore it everyday faithfully for the first 2 years, followed by 5 days/week ritual. Ceased washing after the 9th wash. It seems to age by itself actually….like vintage wine. Sometimes I do let him wind dry near window. One day I shall frame it like an art piece 🙂

Eternal 883. 3 years 10 months old!

Eternal 883 May 2015 low

Time passes so fast. 2 more months and my dear buddy will be 4 years old. I haven’t take further distress on BMX. I think knee-rip could be worsen then 😦

For the record: 1 soak 9 washes. Size 31/34. I took this picture on the pavement of a office tower. The grey floor tiles really compliment the indigo.