eternal 888 denim diary: 3rd vinegar wash

The much awaited 3rd vinegar wash has arrived. It took me 1 hour to soak and rinse. Can’t wait to see him dry and reveal the stunning fading. Stay tune!

What is WABASH denim?

WabashDot-Button_grande WabashStripe-Angle1_grande Flathead wabash

The Wabash shirt is an iconic piece of vintage workwear. This is the garment that built America, clothing the immigrant workforce of the 19th century in the USA.

It was originally made by the native American Wabash tribe which settled along the banks its namesake river running through the mid-west. It provided a uniform for the railway construction workers as they literally built their dreams of a new life. The area itself in Indiana was first colonized by the French who called it Quabache. The word was eventually anglicized to Wabash.

Perhaps the most famous of the American Wabash dying and printing companies was J.L. Stifel & sons set up in West Virginia in 1835.  They called their product “Indigo Wabash Stripe” and it was often characterized by an impressive assortment of dots, triangles and diamonds.

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