Levi’s 501XX 1966 & Type III trucker jacket

Here is one of my favourite Levi’s 501XX 1966 model wearing to work. Hasn’t been washing since a year ago, so far he has no odour. Light weight denim with the tapered silhouette. Worn since 2009. 7 years 10 months old. Size 30/32. 9 washes. Hand-painted NASA “Spacewalk of Gemini”. Not forgetting my beloved trucker jacket from my late father.

501XX Gemini vinegar wash

P1020428 P1020427 P1020419 P1020425

It’s been a long time since the last wash I have lost count. Must be one year ago. This is S&W white vinegar wash or more of a soak actually. I didn’t scrub or brush it in the vinegar, more of rinsing that’s all. Check the colour of rinse was yellow instead of green. This 1966 model is my favourite 501 for weekend wearing. Its slim silhouette is unlike the 1944 or 1955 model; which is less formal, is great for sport. Worn since 2009. 6 years old. Size 30/32. 9 washes. Inspired by NASA “Spacewalk of Gemini”.

How I keep my denim fresh

wind dry Eternal 883 & Levi's 501 1966modelThank God for wind. Here are my beloved Eternal 883 & Levi’s 501XX 1966 model. They love warm wind! To delay odour I usually hang them here overnight or over the weekends. It really works. Also, avoid keeping them in cupboard or wardrobe. They will developed stale smell. So, my denim jeans sleep outside in my living room 😀