Denim photography

UNIQLO-Womens-Denim-Campaign-Visual UNIQLO-Mens-Denim-Campaign-Visual

I would consider these photographs great denim art standard. Well art directed. It took my breath away. As a denim head, the correct indigo is the key colour. See carefully there are different shades of indigo in the pictures. At first glance one might think it’s a G Star Raw brand which I greatly admired for their world class art direction, what surprised me was it’s an Uniqlo campaign!

Uniqlo Jeans Fall 2014    Photographer Takay

Uniqlo jeans 1 year old

Uniqlo Great Wave frontal Uniqlo Great Wave rear

Never underestimate a cheap selvedge denim. I mean only Uniqlo Kaihara denim perhaps has the value for money from Japan. Made In Japan. Previously owned by me. Now my son has been wearing for ONE YEAR on every Sunday and washed every time. The indigo did not fade as fast as I expected! My mom washed it by those deadly detergent and not my favourite vinegar, you know the regular way detested by denim heads hahaha. Maybe it’s not pure indigo? Nevertheless the 14oz denim is durable, no sign of tearing or fraying yet to be seen. I am amazed the hand painted Great Wave Off Kanagawa still looked beautiful. Actually I preferred it to fade. From this experience I learnt what kind of paint would lasts.

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