I like this pair of TCB jeans

It caught my eyes on internet. I’m a fan on cinch-back 1920’s denim jeans. I personally owned a Levi’s 201. Check those braces button, crotch rivet, cinch-back buckle and white selvedges…So here is the article extracted from Heddels.com I’m breathless 😮

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is manifesting again in another denim world tour between SuperFuture and Japanese brand TCB.

These world tours usually see one special pair of pants travel between a dozen or so forum members all over the world, who document their wear in the jeans over about a month. The pair in rotation will be based off an original Levi’s 501 from the 1920’s (pictured above) recently acquired by TCB’s founder, Hajime Inoue.

The tour is already full up on slots, but you can track their progress starting this month on this thread on SuperFuture.