Start your denim diary

Eternal 883 date of purchaseTo begin, it’s good to have the purchase date and details written down. That’s how I write my Eternal 883 story. Anywhere special you go, take a picture. Every wash, take a picture, Sounds crazy? This is your expensive denim. It’s like your pet, your buddy, you would want to enjoy growing old with it, you would want to keep a good memory 🙂

eternal 883 before & after

My first Kurashiki denim. Amazing quality. The deep indigo really faithful after 3 years. I have taken great care to wear it non-stop 5 days /week. As few washes as I could bear it. Results were impressive as you can see here. Most denim heads would start new pair after 3 years. Well, just like love, I would probably continue to wear it till the end 🙂
Eternal 883 rear beginning June 2011Eternal 883 rear 1 yr old June 2012Eternal 883 rear 2yrs old June 2013Eternal 883 rear 3 yr old June 2014