The best of 501XX

LVC 501XX 1LVC 501XX 2LVC 501XX 3

LVC 501XX 1944. The most beautiful of all in my opinion. Great WWII history, Laurel button, donut button fly, olive pocket bag, duo colour thread yoke and hand painted back pocket arcuate.

Eternal 888 denim diary: 3 years old


How time flies. My 888 buddy is 3 years old with me. Thanks to Maeno for the lovely gift. Today is Singapore 53rd National Day. So it is great to celebrate both occasions. Let’s talk about details. The fadings are impressive. For these regular cutting , the honeycombs are much more larger. Great for outdoor. Though I think I still prefer tighter version 883 🙂 Size: 31 / Kurashiki 14.5oz denim / wear: almost daily / wash: 5