SugarCane type II jacket


Sugar Cane 1953 Type II Modified Length Unsanforized Raw Denim Jacket.

Rarely talk about SugarCane. But they are one of the early Japanese denim jeans for denimheads. I will feature more on type II denim jacket.

eternal 883 (10th wash)

Hello to my retired old beloved buddy Eternal 883. I couldn’t leave him sitting at home and mould. Somehow I placed him indoor and folded was a bad idea. The 10th vinegar wash was necessary. The 9th wash was on March 2015! This week I saw a great denim repair master in Osaka on Instagram. I was thinking bringing my buddy back again hahaha. OK for the record: Size 30/34///since 2011///1 soak///10 vinegar washes///14.5oz Kurashiki selvedge denim

eternal 888 denim diary: stair climbing exercise

Moving forward in my stair climbing training in jeans in 2017. I’ve been using the long step ( 3 steps per stride) for the past 3 months. Beginning was tough but after a month it’s much easier. It’s amazing one can reached the top so much faster than escalator! You have to try it to believe it. So I’ve been taking lesser ride on escalator. This exercise works harder for my honeycombs and whiskers and great for my legs muscles. My Eternal 888 is 1 year 6 months old /Worn 5 days/week/1 soak 2 wash. Eternal 888 regular cutting is a perfect fit for this kind exercise. Hope I can inspire you.


denim lifestyle collage

Everyday I go to work in my denim jeans I would climb the stairs (take 2 steps per stride) instead of escalator. I would sit on hard polypropylene chair instead of soft leather chair in my office! Every weekend I would play or cycling in my denim jeans as well. OK I don’t sleep in my denim jeans at night. All these might sounds crazy but it really worth seeing the fading results.

I also remember to wind dry my jeans. So it delays odour.

These are some of the ways denim jeans get their beautiful and striking honeycombs, whiskers, stacks, train tracks and roping…all of these take time and time creates beautiful story.

What’s your denim lifestyle?

Eternal 888 Denim Diary: Presoak

Eternal 888 pre soak frontal Eternal 888 pre soak left rear three quarter cuff

Wonderful feeling wearing an unsanforized raw rigid denim. It’s rare because most Japanese preferred one washed before buying. They’ll miss out that wonderful process. It’s stiff, wide and uncomfortable now, but It will soon shrunk and wearable. The whole process of shrinkage is just amazing. It became a part of you. My Eternal 888 15th Anniversary. size 31/39 regular straight silhouette.