eternal 888 denim diary: 3rd vinegar wash

The much awaited 3rd vinegar wash has arrived. It took me 1 hour to soak and rinse. Can’t wait to see him dry and reveal the stunning fading. Stay tune!

eternal 888 denim diary: 2 year old baby

Eternal 888 2 year old Perry Goh low

Now I can see the results. Only after one year the fading started to show, it takes patient and faith on Eternal jeans. One have to know the famous 24 times rope dye deep indigo is worth waiting for. I guess the next move is the vinegar wash and more fading are sure to show up. Next, let me share about the comfortability. I truly enjoy a regular fitting silhouette. Though I feel it made me looked portly. Overall it’s a classic vintage cutting. Great in hot humid climate in Singapore if you parkour in jeans ūüėÄ

eternal 888 denim diary: 2nd vinegar wash

Finally¬†the 2nd wash I’m been waiting for. First turn jeans inside out. Pour tap water one third of bucket. Pour half cup of distilled white vinegar. Pour hot water to fill up the bucket to kill off tougher bacteria. Soak for at least 1¬†hour. Rinse and hang dry. From my experience, vinegar-wash jeans can lasts up to 9 months! BTW if you’re new here, my Eternal 888 is 1 year 4 months old// worn 5 days per week ūüôā

Levi’s 501XX 1944 the most beautiful jeans in the world


Yes. Levi’s 501XX 1944 is the most beautiful denim jeans in my opinion. Backed with WWII history, laurel button, donut buttonfly, olive pocket bags to hand painted arcuate. Here in the picture photographer Bryan Goh at Bishan Park bird-watching trip.