Indigo leather patch

It is definitely rare to spot indigo leather patch on premium denim jeans. Here are some outstanding one found on internet. They are made for die-hard indigo fans like me. Do you like anyone above? I rank my fav Eternal first, follow by Dry Bones for their intricate dyeing design.

ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: selvedge fans

Eternal 888 and Momotaro 0705SP at Orchard Road

This shot was taken along Orchard Road during Christmas.Showing off the leg cuff of both jeans like in 1950’s. Foreground was me in my favourite 4 months old Eternal 888, back was my photographer in Momotaro 0705SP “Going To Battle”. You can easily identified a Momotaro of its pink sewing thread and selvedge. I’m preparing to paint the Momotaro, will update on this blog soon:-)

Momotaro “Going To Battle” coin case 2 years old


I don’t follow rules. This beautiful denim coin pouch turned out to be my wallet! It has replaced my Freitag Dallas wallet. And I don’t like big heavy leather wallet that damages denim jeans back pockets from my past experience. As long it can handle my dollar notes and cards and sits perfectly in my Eternal 888 back pocket 🙂

See my Momotaro coin case in 2013 here