Eternal 888 denim diary: 3 years old


How time flies. My 888 buddy is 3 years old with me. Thanks to Maeno for the lovely gift. Today is Singapore 53rd National Day. So it is great to celebrate both occasions. Let’s talk about details. The fadings are impressive. For these regular cutting , the honeycombs are much more larger. Great for outdoor. Though I think I still prefer tighter version 883 🙂 Size: 31 / Kurashiki 14.5oz denim / wear: almost daily / wash: 5

eternal 888 denim diary: prinsep street

I was walking along Prinsep Street after a meeting. There I stood in awe of the heritage building Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church built in 1843. I’m in my Levi’s saw-tooth western shirt, Levi’s denim diary and my beloved 2 years 2 months buddy Eternal 888.  1 soak 3 wash.



Eternal 888 at work 2Eternal 888 at work 1

It’s officially started. My Eternal 888 15th Anniversary first week to work. It’s feeling rough on this new 14.5 oz irregularity denim from Kurashiki. It’s normal it will soften the next couple weeks to come. 888 is a regular straight cut of1950’s silhouette. Mid rise, roomy on thigh and snugly on calf. I need to do the big leg cuff-up like the way the 50’s style 🙂

Eternal 883. 3 years 10 months old!

Eternal 883 May 2015 low

Time passes so fast. 2 more months and my dear buddy will be 4 years old. I haven’t take further distress on BMX. I think knee-rip could be worsen then 😦

For the record: 1 soak 9 washes. Size 31/34. I took this picture on the pavement of a office tower. The grey floor tiles really compliment the indigo.

Growing old with my Eternal 883.

3 years 4 months old. Worn 3 days per week. Fraying can be found around some distressed areas. However Cranes are still in good form. The rest of fading are apparent such as whiskers, honeycombs, train tracks, back pocket and fly button impressions…click here

Eternal 883 frontal 2 Eternal 883 rear 2

Eternal 883 “3 Months Old”

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1 soak. 1 wash. Wore 7 days/week. Back pocket threads started wearing off from my daily lifestyle.

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