eternal 888 denim diary: parkour in jeans

My buddy is 1 yr 11 mth old! Taking him to test the rough granite cat climb parkour in my neighbourhood. Need more practice and next month ready for 2nd bath. 1 soak 2 wash/ size 31/ 14.5oz/ worn 5 days per week.

Eternal 888 denim diary: cool breezy evening at Punggol Waterway


It was a beautiful evening. Cool and windy. Looking to the violet sky and the distant forest in the park bench was mesmerising. Here in my 1 yer 6 months old buddy. 1 soak 2 wash.

Trekking Sungei Buloh in Studio D’Artisan

Bryan Goh is the Chief photographer of Denim Artist P.P. He was wearing Studio D’Artisan SD601-00 at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Pictures taken by Lumix DMC TZ70 //// Size 30/34 //// 5 wash //// 2yrs 4mths //// worn 1/wk //// 14oz Kojima irregularity denim //// Made in Japan ////

Eternal 888 Denim Diary: 7 months

Eternal 888 going National Gallery SingaporeEternal 888 on National Gallery Singapore steps

Spending a day at National Gallery Singapore is fulfilling. I love art. These are building used to known as City Hall and The Supreme Court. Beautiful British colonial architecture.

My Eternal 888 is 7 months old. 1 soak no wash. Slight odour. It’s right time for a hot bath soon.