Eternal 888 denim diary: 2yrs 5mths


It has been a long time since my last post. This is the first post in 2018 and it is Chinese New Year!  My beautiful Eternal 888 is here with me. Size 31. 1 soak 4 wash. If you notice I have adopted a new leg cuff over the big cuff. I was wearing my hand painted Converse on Psalms 109:105.

ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: climbing stairs in jeans


My usual Sunday evening workout. 888 regular silhouette is much easier to climb than tighter version 883.

Eternal 888 Denim Diary: 11 months

size 31////1 soak///1 wash////worn 5 days per week///wind dry daily

Eternal 883 walking with dinosaur

It’s all happened at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 3rd trip. it was high tide and most monitor lizards were up the land in search of stranded fishes. End of the trip I have encountered 5 dinosaurs! Ok my dear old Eternal 883 is coming to 5 years old very soon.Even though only wearing once a week it’s a big deal for me to enjoy these beautiful Japanese denim jeans. Let me think how to celebrate his 5th year 🙂

eternal 888 denim diary: wethepeople

Perry on wethepeople BMX

The 10th months///1 soak///1 wash/// size 31″/// Wow I’m looking forward to 1 year old soon! Here on my fav BMX WTP Arcade and Converse sneakers. I didn’t spend enough time to practise all the skills really. So just the basic hop and ride. It’s feeling great in my 888 on wethepeople BMX. Tight jeans like 883 can hurt the knees more likely than regular cutting. So wear regular cutting jeans for cycling!