ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: 2 months old

Eternal 883 at Ann Siang Hill 2

This picture was took at Ann Siang Hill, Singapore. It has that 50’s flavour. Look at those wall and floor tiles. The owner told me the wall tiles were 90 years old! The floor 40 years.

Denim photography

UNIQLO-Womens-Denim-Campaign-Visual UNIQLO-Mens-Denim-Campaign-Visual

I would consider these photographs great denim art standard. Well art directed. It took my breath away. As a denim head, the correct indigo is the key colour. See carefully there are different shades of indigo in the pictures. At first glance one might think it’s a G Star Raw brand which I greatly admired for their world class art direction, what surprised me was it’s an Uniqlo campaign!

Uniqlo Jeans Fall 2014    Photographer Takay

Eternal 883 (2 years 4 months old)

Picture taken from Canon 600D on a pavement of an office building. Size 31/34. 1 soak 5 washes. Worn 5 days/week. Haven’t washed for the past 5 months sniff sniff ok must wash soon 😦  Must air-dry and keep away from wardrobe….fading has becoming more intense and contrast with whiskers, honeycombs & stacks. I am very happy with my Eternal coming of age 🙂Eternal 883 frontal contrast b Eternal 883 rear contrast b