eternal 888 denim diary: bukit batok nature park

Bukit Batok Nature Park. A small park that packed with so many surprises. Spotted Thrasher birds, Temasek shrimps and of course with the tranquil quarry. My Eternal 888 is 1 year 10 months old//1 soak//2 wash//worn 5 days per week// This stage most fadings are obvious. Train tracks, whiskers, honeycombs, roping and vertical fading to name a few of them. Will show more details soon :-O


Eternal 888 BMX in jeans 3Eternal 888 BMX in jeans 2

I get stoked doing all these little thrill on my wethepeople and my beloved Eternal 888. 1 year 8 months old//1 soak//2 wash//worn 5 days per week//

Eternal 888 denim diary: 14 months old


Slope climbing with my buddy. It’s fun as long as don’t trip into a pot hole! And I spotted a small snake actually 😦  OK the jeans…Whiskers and honeycombs are prominent now I guess because I’ve been holding back washing my buddy hahaha ///1 soak 1 wash///size 31///worn 5days/week


1 yr 1 mth///1 soak///1 wash///worn 5 days/week. As I promised last month here are the closeup details of this wonderful buddy. You can see sharp contrast fading “Atari” at those distress points created by my bag everyday. Train tracks are not very obvious comparing to tighter silhouette 883 was much earlier. Nevertheless honeycombs are beautiful than 883! It’s has been 6 months since last wash so slight odour now. Vinegar bath for buddy soon. Will update more next month. Photos by Canon EOS 600D.

Levi’s 501XX 1944 Limited Edition

A 6 years old Levi’s 501XX 1944 Limited Edition X denimartistpp. Hand painted with “Peace Doves”. How many washes I guess 10 or 12 by 2016 June. I used to call it the most beautiful denim jeans. In term of cutting, history to details like hand painted arcuate, donut buttons to olive coloured inner pocket.

My First public demo hand painted denim

Perry Goh demo at Cotton On

I was invited to Cotton On last Sunday to be part of their #91 denim 25th Anniversary. I was part of the Denim Demo and Denim Customisation for customers. Thank God it was a great experience. A little nervous as onlookers staring with curiosity. Thanks to the staffs at Cotton On and DFW Creative PR agency with such warmth support. More pictures soon 🙂