eternal 888 denim diary: 2 year old baby

Eternal 888 2 year old Perry Goh low

Now I can see the results. Only after one year the fading started to show, it takes patient and faith on Eternal jeans. One have to know the famous 24 times rope dye deep indigo is worth waiting for. I guess the next move is the vinegar wash and more fading are sure to show up. Next, let me share about the comfortability. I truly enjoy a regular fitting silhouette. Though I feel it made me looked portly. Overall it’s a classic vintage cutting. Great in hot humid climate in Singapore if you parkour in jeans 😀

eternal 888 denim diary: parkour & blood

Eternal 888 parkour scratches

I only share this photo here. My wife will not be please to see it. I actually cut my shin few weeks ago. Thanks to my Eternal 888 for that layer of protection though 🙂

Eternal 901

The new heavy weight 17.6oz Eternal 901. Something really exciting to me because it’s a refreshing idea for my favourite label. The silhouette faithful to 888 or 811, the 50’s look. There is a new Eternal signature to the back pocket which I think brilliant. Could it be my next pair of jeans?

eternal 888 denim diary: BUKIT TIMAH NATURE RESERVE

Eternal 888 at Bukit Timah Summit.jpg

First time visiting Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Climbing up to the Summit in Eternal 888 jeans! Well it’s a short climb actually…easier task since I’m been climbing stairs helped. Less wildlife than most parks I’ve visited.  Ratings: 6/10