Eternal 888 denim diary: Hort Park

Another park in Singapore. Hort Park was a pleasant clean one. Many butterflies and bees.

eternal 888 denim diary: upper Seletar reservoir


A tranquil park along Mandai Road. Famous for its viewing tower and water birds. A Straited Heron photographed by Bryan Goh of BGC.

eternal 888 denim diary: prinsep street

I was walking along Prinsep Street after a meeting. There I stood in awe of the heritage building Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church built in 1843. I’m in my Levi’s saw-tooth western shirt, Levi’s denim diary and my beloved 2 years 2 months buddy Eternal 888.  1 soak 3 wash.


eternal 888 denim diary: details

This is 1 year 5 months old Japanese denim. My favourite Eternal 888. Of course checking out the recent fading after the 2nd vinegar wash after 9 months of wearing. The Hiroshige’s inspired Tokaido and Evening Snow, Asakusa which have obvious fading in paint. Heavy vertical fading on thigh areas that are so beautiful like snowing in Japan! Fraying at both back pockets bottom corner. Impression on my P.P is distinctive now, but not define actually. Overall, I am happy 🙂

ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: atari on honeycomb

Eternal 888 (left) has bigger honeycomb than Eternal 883 (right). Both jeans in pix are 1 yr old. 883 got its atari much faster than 888 🙂 Still much to experience with my new buddy 888.

Eternal 888 denim diary: one year old

Eternal 888 1st yr quarter frontEternal 888 1st yr rear

My Eternal 888 has come to a year! So far so comfortable. Much more roomy than Eternal 883. The look is classic so not trendy among the crowd. I’m fine because I’m a denimhead anyway hahaha. I’m happy with the honeycombs which are much more bigger from regular silhouette. Back pocket P.P impression is looking cool. Train tracks are still looking mild at this stage though. Left leg painting started fading. I will update detail closeup soon. Size:30″///1 soak 1 wash///worn 5 days per week///14.5oz selvedge denim///15thAnniversary Limited Edition