eternal 883 (10th wash)

Hello to my retired old beloved buddy Eternal 883. I couldn’t leave him sitting at home and mould. Somehow I placed him indoor and folded was a bad idea. The 10th vinegar wash was necessary. The 9th wash was on March 2015! This week I saw a great denim repair master in Osaka on Instagram. I was thinking bringing my buddy back again hahaha. OK for the record: Size 30/34///since 2011///1 soak///10 vinegar washes///14.5oz Kurashiki selvedge denim

Saving an old jeans

Eternal 883 right knee ripped closeupEternal 883 ripped right kneeEternal 883 repair story 3Eternal 883 repair story 1

After many weeks of consideration, I have decided to discard the trendy idea of ripped denim and to follow old tradition; to rescue my old buddy Eternal 883. When a denim is ripped he is actually sick! I brought him to a local doctor (not many denim repair expert in Singapore). Only then I can run, climb and jump in my favourite jeans. Now you know why I stick to tradition 🙂