Indigo leather patch

It is definitely rare to spot indigo leather patch on premium denim jeans. Here are some outstanding one found on internet. They are made for die-hard indigo fans like me. Do you like anyone above? I rank my fav Eternal first, follow by Dry Bones for their intricate dyeing design.

Natural Selection Smith N1 14oz jeans

It’s rare for me to spot a great denim label from Europe but those sick fadings are worth a second look.

The British denim label Natural Selection draws inspiration from the spirit of competition and evolutionary progress.

Established in 2009 the Natural Selection brand reflects the core value of sincerity and functionality. Their passion for denim determines and their pursuit for originality whilst preserving strict rules of authenticity and no compromise. The foundations of the brand are its fabrication and the richness of its detailing.

Their credo: “All living things fight for survival and this empowers Natural Selection Denim in its battle for recognition, authority and innovation.”

Article extracted from 14OZ.COM


How I keep my denim fresh

wind dry Eternal 883 & Levi's 501 1966modelThank God for wind. Here are my beloved Eternal 883 & Levi’s 501XX 1966 model. They love warm wind! To delay odour I usually hang them here overnight or over the weekends. It really works. Also, avoid keeping them in cupboard or wardrobe. They will developed stale smell. So, my denim jeans sleep outside in my living room 😀