eternal 883 (10th wash)

Hello to my retired old beloved buddy Eternal 883. I couldn’t leave him sitting at home and mould. Somehow I placed him indoor and folded was a bad idea. The 10th vinegar wash was necessary. The 9th wash was on March 2015! This week I saw a great denim repair master in Osaka on Instagram. I was thinking bringing my buddy back again hahaha. OK for the record: Size 30/34///since 2011///1 soak///10 vinegar washes///14.5oz Kurashiki selvedge denim

eternal 888 denim diary: orchard mrt 12am

At work last month for an OOH advertising installation for Fisherman’s Friend along Orchard iON tunnel. It was 12am to 5am with my buddy. I’m glad it was mildly air conditioned during the installation 🙂

Are you a denim addict?

Found this funny yet relevant article from the jeans

Welcome back for 2017. Good to see you again. Not surprising however as this is a good place to keep up with all things denim. Of course you need to visit often so that you don’t miss anything. After all, no one wants to be late to the party when it comes to the next phase of denim, especially if you want to be the trendsetter in your community. Let’s face it, that sweet love of denim is in or veins, we have blue blood. It makes you wonder, are we addicted to denim? Perhaps, but how would you know?

20 Reasons You Might Be A Denim Addict:

1. You visit The Jeans Blog several times per day.

2. Celebs in Denim and Denim Reviews are your favourite section of the website.

3. You’ve gone on a diet to save on groceries so that you have more money to spend on jeans.

4. You can go a year or more without wearing the same pair of jeans twice.

5. New jeans are considered a mandatory expense whereas everything else is discretionary.

6. You’ve inadvertently bought identical multiple pairs of jeans and not realized it for months (or years) and some of them you’ve yet to even wear.

7. Or you willingly buy multiple pairs of the same jeans just in case one pair gets ruined.

8. You can pick out 50 shades of black denim.

9. You are on so many brand or retailer notification lists that your email provider now classifies them as SPAM and automatically sends them to the Junk Folder.

10. It’s not just jeans, you have denim bags, shorts, jackets, skirts, table cloths, sheets, and shoes.

11. When you’re out, you find yourself staring at everyone else in jeans trying to guess the brand.

12. You often daydream about the next pair of jeans you would love to own.

13. When you open your laptop you immediately check the new in jeans on your favourite store.

14. Or you already have tabs for jeans open which stay permanently on your browser.

15. You style all of your outfits around your jeans, those are the most important part of the outfit, right?

16. You can’t answer the question ‘how many jeans do you own?’ because you lost track of the number years ago.

17. Your jeans storage has got so out of hand you end up sleeping with piles of denim around you.

18. You’ve thrown out your roommate because you need the extra bedroom as storage space for your jeans.

19. Your friends always come to you for advice on denim as you’re the ‘Jeans Guru’.

20. You remember more fits, cuts, washes, and denim terms than you do your friends birthdays.

Fullcount 2737 tight fit denim jacket immaculate details

Leather patch on the neck.
Place the rivet reinforced flap pocket only one side. It is with a red tab.
Front is pleated specification.
Button Silver erase type without gloss. Is an original design that the brand name has been engraved.
Cuff is one button. Sleeves superposition in the opposite direction to the 2nd, the button will be the palm side.
The placket part using a red ear.
With cinch back, which is also a feature of the 1st model. It is a rivet reinforcement.
Inward action pleats provided in the shallow on the back.


Found this insightful Oni article from

oni 10

In the early days when I wanted some good ol’ fashion, high quality, long lasting raw denim jeans I turned to Levis. When I wanted to explore a wide variety of denim in the heavyweight range I found myself immersed in the catalog of Naked & Famous. When I realized I was always gravitating towards the slubby/neppy/hairy texture of slow, loose weave denims I discovered the true artistry and talent being applied in the mills of Okayama, Japan. When I went looking for the slubby-est, and most interesting example of the qualities inherent in Japanese denim, I discovered ONI Denim.

I read the stories surrounding this mysterious company and it’s 80 year old reclusive master-weaver, Oishi-San. Only Mr. Oishi can operate the old shuttle loom that makes Oni’s fabrics. Because of his health, he cannot work in cold weather. Oni jeans are very limited because the denim is only woven certain months out of the year. Mr. Oishi is famous for denying interviews with the top denim magazines in Japan. They focus on making the best jeans in the world. There is only one retailer in the country Blue in Green and they were about 3,000 miles away. How could I get my hands on these devils? The hunt was on!!

Oni 13

After some research I discovered that it would be much less expensive to buy directly from Japan because of the weak Yen and have imported into the US. The way it sounded made me feel uneasy. I had never purchased anything online from overseas before and did not know what to expect. I could only imagine returns were not quick or cheap, therefore not really an option I wanted to explore. I had to get it right the first time. Anyone buying new jeans from an unfamiliar company knows how much trial and error goes into finding the right fit. Not having the ability to try them on or even touch the fabric in person and having to get it right the first time? Seemed almost impossible. I spent two solid weeks researching everything ONI. I measured my favorite pairs of jeans and compared to the measurements posted on I spent hours instant messaging with their customer service. A guy named Peter was extreamly cool and helpful, even though I asked a lot of very specific and I’m sure annoying questions.

“When the first Oni denim was produced, the extremely uneven and slubby texture was unlike any other.
‘This denim is slubby like the Devil!’..and so the name “ONI DENIM” was born.” ~ O.N.International

I learned about every cut and fabric that they had on their site. First, I was looking for slim cut, slightly tapered jeans with a high rise in a heavyweight fabric that was as slubby as they could make. Although they didn’t have a cut slim enough to be perfect they had a few that were very close(within .5″-1″). The problem was most of them had too low of a rise. I need at least 10″, preferably 11.5″. I found three cuts that work for me. 507, 546, 517.

I finally ordered two pairs. The first was a pair of 507KHN 18OZ “KIHANNEN” TIGHT FIT STRAIGHT the most extreme example of slubby ONI fabric. Second, was the ONI – 546ZR – “SECRET DENIM” One of the most impressive and distinct fabrics ever woven, ONI’s signature fabric. I was lucky enough to get the last pairs in stock(in my size). I wanted the arc stitching on the 546’s but they were out. 🙁


ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: climbing stairs in jeans


My usual Sunday evening workout. 888 regular silhouette is much easier to climb than tighter version 883.