eternal 888 denim diary: prinsep street

I was walking along Prinsep Street after a meeting. There I stood in awe of the heritage building Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church built in 1843. I’m in my Levi’s saw-tooth western shirt, Levi’s denim diary and my beloved 2 years 2 months buddy Eternal 888.  1 soak 3 wash.


ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: stair climbing

My usual stair climb with my buddy. 3 steps per stride. My denim exercise to break my Eternal 888. Obvious contrast fading after the 3rd vinegar wash. The beautiful indigo is delicious. That’s how I would describe it hahaha

Eternal 888 denim diary: cool breezy evening at Punggol Waterway


It was a beautiful evening. Cool and windy. Looking to the violet sky and the distant forest in the park bench was mesmerising. Here in my 1 yer 6 months old buddy. 1 soak 2 wash.

Eternal 888 denim diary: workwear

Working at NTU (Nanyang Technological University). I was art directing a photography project on foreign scholarship students. So took some opportunity for my buddy too 🙂 These pictures were taken by renown Leica M8 camera.

Levi’s 501XX 1944 Limited Edition

A 6 years old Levi’s 501XX 1944 Limited Edition X denimartistpp. Hand painted with “Peace Doves”. How many washes I guess 10 or 12 by 2016 June. I used to call it the most beautiful denim jeans. In term of cutting, history to details like hand painted arcuate, donut buttons to olive coloured inner pocket.

Piggies new owner

Size 30/34 //// 5 wash //// 2yrs 4mths //// worn 1/wk //// 14oz Kojima irregularity denim //// Made in Japan //// My new owner of my Studio D’Artisan SD601-00 is enjoying the soft denim of Okayama. I still remember the beginning was rough uncomfortable irregularity denim. Interestingly it has changed to a softer denim after 2 years, maybe the effect of vinegar washes? And now more apparent vertical fading and along the usual distress areas. If you follow my blog closely you will discover this is the only pair of denim jeans without the LEFT LEG BAND painting 🙂 ….ok so here are the photo update.