Levi’s 501XX 1966 & Type III trucker jacket

Here is one of my favourite Levi’s 501XX 1966 model wearing to work. Hasn’t been washing since a year ago, so far he has no odour. Light weight denim with the tapered silhouette. Worn since 2009. 7 years 10 months old. Size 30/32. 9 washes. Hand-painted NASA “Spacewalk of Gemini”. Not forgetting my beloved trucker jacket from my late father.

eternal 883 (10th wash)

Hello to my retired old beloved buddy Eternal 883. I couldn’t leave him sitting at home and mould. Somehow I placed him indoor and folded was a bad idea. The 10th vinegar wash was necessary. The 9th wash was on March 2015! This week I saw a great denim repair master in Osaka on Instagram. I was thinking bringing my buddy back again hahaha. OK for the record: Size 30/34///since 2011///1 soak///10 vinegar washes///14.5oz Kurashiki selvedge denim

501XX Gemini vinegar wash

P1020428 P1020427 P1020419 P1020425

It’s been a long time since the last wash I have lost count. Must be one year ago. This is S&W white vinegar wash or more of a soak actually. I didn’t scrub or brush it in the vinegar, more of rinsing that’s all. Check the colour of rinse was yellow instead of green. This 1966 model is my favourite 501 for weekend wearing. Its slim silhouette is unlike the 1944 or 1955 model; which is less formal, is great for sport. Worn since 2009. 6 years old. Size 30/32. 9 washes. Inspired by NASA “Spacewalk of Gemini”.

Why zinc button fly turned white.

Eternal 883 button fly cu

Chemical properties of zinc

Zinc is a fairly active element. It dissolves in both acids and alkalis. An alkali is a chemical with properties opposite those of an acid. Sodium hydroxide (“common lye”) and limewater are examples of alkalis. Zinc does not react with oxygen in dry air. In moist air, however, it reacts to form zinc carbonate. The zinc carbonate forms a thin white crust on the surface which prevents further reaction. Zinc burns in air with a bluish flame. Hope it’s a interesting knowledge for all denimheads.

The image above is my Eternal 883 in September 2014.

Read more: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/T-Z/Zinc.html#ixzz3WnSU59qY

Eternal 883 (2 years 4 months old)

Picture taken from Canon 600D on a pavement of an office building. Size 31/34. 1 soak 5 washes. Worn 5 days/week. Haven’t washed for the past 5 months sniff sniff ok must wash soon 😦  Must air-dry and keep away from wardrobe….fading has becoming more intense and contrast with whiskers, honeycombs & stacks. I am very happy with my Eternal coming of age 🙂Eternal 883 frontal contrast b Eternal 883 rear contrast b