Eternal 888 denim diary: stair climb


My regular exercise in my favourite pair of jeans. Eternal 888 is perfect for outdoor. Regular cutting has more room for knee cap area. Comparing to Eternal 883, Eternal 888 has less distress areas for all the outdoor activities such as parkour, climbing and running.

Eternal 888 denim diary: 14 months old


Slope climbing with my buddy. It’s fun as long as don’t trip into a pot hole! And I spotted a small snake actually 😦  OK the jeans…Whiskers and honeycombs are prominent now I guess because I’ve been holding back washing my buddy hahaha ///1 soak 1 wash///size 31///worn 5days/week

Eternal 888 denim diary: Punggol Waterway

Eternal 888 at Punggol Waterway frontal portraitEternal 888 at Punggol Waterway frontal landscape 1Eternal 888 at Punggol Waterway rear portrait

It was a warm beautiful afternoon at Punggol Waterway Point. If you can see from the reflection, the greenery is my favourite park that the famous wild dogs were, where I had posted my Eternal 883. Sadly some areas have already make way for modern urbanisation. Anyway I would still choose to have more nature among urbanisation.