Eternal 888 denim diary: 3 years old


How time flies. My 888 buddy is 3 years old with me. Thanks to Maeno for the lovely gift. Today is Singapore 53rd National Day. So it is great to celebrate both occasions. Let’s talk about details. The fadings are impressive. For these regular cutting , the honeycombs are much more larger. Great for outdoor. Though I think I still prefer tighter version 883 🙂 Size: 31 / Kurashiki 14.5oz denim / wear: almost daily / wash: 5

eternal 888 denim diary: aquatic avenue

Eternal 888 at Redhill Aquatic Avenue

Aquatic Avenue is a fabulous store for freshwater fish hobbyist like me. Experienced and friendly aquarists always there to help me. I’m with my fabulous 2 month 2 year old Eternal buddy.

eternal 888 denim diary: parkour & blood

Eternal 888 parkour scratches

I only share this photo here. My wife will not be please to see it. I actually cut my shin few weeks ago. Thanks to my Eternal 888 for that layer of protection though 🙂

eternal 888 denim diary: evening snow at asakusa

My inspiration came from Ando Hiroshige’s “Evening snow at Asakusa” and more. Observe the vertical fading on my Eternal 888 denim now looked more like snowing !


1 yr 1 mth///1 soak///1 wash///worn 5 days/week. As I promised last month here are the closeup details of this wonderful buddy. You can see sharp contrast fading “Atari” at those distress points created by my bag everyday. Train tracks are not very obvious comparing to tighter silhouette 883 was much earlier. Nevertheless honeycombs are beautiful than 883! It’s has been 6 months since last wash so slight odour now. Vinegar bath for buddy soon. Will update more next month. Photos by Canon EOS 600D.

ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: Denim Olympics

Eternal 888 Olympics pose 1Eternal 888 Olympics pose 4

Did you enjoy Rio 2016? I sure do enjoy watching Phelps last Olympics games and especially Joseph Schooling of Singapore amazingly beating him! Here I am in my 1 yr old Eternal 888(sportswear) started doing my best prep to compete in Tokyo 2020 hahaha

Eternal 888 denim diary: one year old

Eternal 888 1st yr quarter frontEternal 888 1st yr rear

My Eternal 888 has come to a year! So far so comfortable. Much more roomy than Eternal 883. The look is classic so not trendy among the crowd. I’m fine because I’m a denimhead anyway hahaha. I’m happy with the honeycombs which are much more bigger from regular silhouette. Back pocket P.P impression is looking cool. Train tracks are still looking mild at this stage though. Left leg painting started fading. I will update detail closeup soon. Size:30″///1 soak 1 wash///worn 5 days per week///14.5oz selvedge denim///15thAnniversary Limited Edition