Fullcount Denim Jacket


I just can’t forget the photo everytime think about vintage denim jacket. So here is the Fullcount sick denim from Heddel’s article.

Fullcount & Co. 2737 Jacket (9 months, 1 soak, 1 wash)

Fading a pair of raw denim jeans to grail status often takes years of dedication, forgoing washes, and near daily wear. Fading a jacket usually takes even longer–it’s not worn as much, there’s not as much stress or friction. Not this jacket, nine months was all it took to birth a near perfect fade on this Fullcount & Co. 2737 Type I.

Number 4 on our list of Ways to Fade Your Raw Denim Faster is to move to Thailand. It was a joke, but if there’s nothing more important to you than earning Sick Fadez, then take this jacket as evidence that you need you should seriously consider moving to Thailand.

Wearer nong33 bought the jacket directly from Fullcount’s owner Mikiharu Tsujita at last year’s Pronto Denim Carnival in Bangkok and has since worn it 3-4 days a week with one wash at the six month mark. The unsanforized denim shrunk up to create a beautiful striated fade around the seams, just like the Type I’s of old, and the elbow combs speak for themselves.

You can see all of nong33’s evo on the Pronto Denim forum.


  • Name: Fullcount & Co. 2737 Denim Jacket
  • Fabric: 13.7oz. 100% cotton unsanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Fit: Slim fit Type I
  • Unique Features:
    • Flap breast pocket
    • Back cinch
    • Once washed
  • Available for $274 at Rakuten

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