Roy Slaper a denim artisan

There’s one man who is a legend in the denim world. His name is Roy Slaper. There are many interviews on him, this is the best one I’d came across. Must read if you are a denimhead. Credits to

“Roy is Roy Jeans. Roy makes them. Roy markets them. Roy ships them. Roy mends the machines. Roy is Roy Denim. Roy answers the phone. He is a true one-man band. And, oh, what a band.”

 Maker and maverick, Roy Slaper founded Roy Denim from his small apartment in Oakland, California. The operation started off simple enough, with Roy wanting to make himself a pair of jeans from his apartment. From his small studio apartment, it took Roy four months working on the single pair of jeans before he considered them wearable. This quickly turned into an obsession for Roy, who wanted to perfect the denim craftsmanship. After his first pair of jeans, Roy knew he had a lot to learn, so he studied up and gained a truly in depth knowledge into selvedge denim.

Today, Roy’s operation is small yet successful. He is a one-man shop, and since he runs the entire operation single handedly, Roy only sells as many jeans as he can make. At the moment, Roy Denim consists of four men’s styles: Roy (the original), Roy KS1001 Kinda Special, The Big Bro and most recently, The Portland Shirt.


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