Studio D’Artisan Heiwa Champloo jeans 70th Anniversary

8/15/2015, the end of World War II, celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Rose 2012 reversion 40th anniversary commemorative model uncle who grew up in the stir-fry culture champuru jeans.

Able to deliver the common wish of “HEIWA”, who was going through many of Okinawa’s youth and war planning began in jeans was born on a small island in the South of the small force, the Mainland and overseas customers with. Little power even become a great power. Believe it and fly away. For beginners, and free craftsmen on Okinawa, a small island, about peace, in Okinawa try on JEANS, a symbol of peace, and I want interested in things.

Create one of the feelings from the jeans one that makes them feel. To further convey the “HEIWA”, we agree with Mr. good calligraphy book Ronin earlier this year, new representative to Okinawa was finished. Come on, hands feel craftsmanship wishes peace and remove adhering and Okinawa. Artisans build up in one stroke “HEIWA” jeans world flies away.

LOT OKI-815. 14 ounces jeans HidariAya tight straight Silhouette

Article extracted from Rakutan Japan…pardon the wrong grammar.

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