ETERNAL 888 DENIM DIARY: 3 months old

Eternal 888 at SPH For The Love of Newspaper AdvertisementsEternal 888 at Marina Square 1Eternal 888 at Marina Square 2Eternal 888 coin pocket closeup 2Eternal 888 inner pocket rivet closeup

Time is slipping by… My Eternal 888 is already 3 months of wearing. I wore to work everyday. My work doesn’t toil in the sun, so this new buddy wouldn’t age so soon. But check the tarnished coin pocket and inner copper rivet, they are beginning their beautiful work of wearing! Btw the top photo showing me and my advertising work exhibited at “For The Love of Newspaper Advertisements – 50 Years of Newsprint Creativity” and more photos here.

Size 31///1 Soak///Worn 5 days per week///

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