Levi’s Lot 201 sold on eBay for US$36,099

levi's 201 1890

Found in a mine in the Rand Mining District, in the Mojave Desert, California. They are covered in candle wax from the candle the miner was using to light the tunnel he was working in. They were found with an old paper bag with the name of a mercantile store, W.C. Wilson & Co., which operated between 1895 and 1898 in the town or Randsburg. There was also a gunny sack with the initials APK and “Randsburg” marked on it. APK is through to be Adam P. Kuffel, a partner in the mercantile store.

Lot 201, the “value” version of the 501XX, was made from 9 oz. Amoskeag denim

More about: W.C. Wilson & Co.

Update: Ended at $36,099, congrats vintboy1!

Article extracted from  http://anakbuah-wishyouwerehere.blogspot.sg/2010/11/old-levis-lot-201-jeans.html


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